Diablo 2: Resurrected Muling Guide - Detailed Instructions

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You will acquire many buy D2R ladder items while playing the game that you will want to use, but they will either not be available at the appropriate time or will be better suited for another character class than the one that you are currently playing as

You will acquire many buy D2R ladder items while playing the game that you will want to use, but they will either not be available at the appropriate time or will be better suited for another character class than the one that you are currently playing as. So, what exactly are your options here? You can mule or transfer them to another character to keep them safe while you are playing the game. It would be insane to keep everything you find in your character's inventory until he or she has exhausted all of his or her resources. Consider the consequences of discovering a holy object but not having the necessary space to keep it safe.



This is a more serious issue for high-concept characters because keeping items in your stash means that you will lose them forever if you die while carrying them. You may have been looted and your equipment may have been saved, but any items you have stored will be permanently lost. You'll want to mule anything really good as soon as possible if you're paranoid or prone to death. You'll also want to avoid carrying spare equipment that you can't afford to lose around with you. In addition, putting too much of your best stuff on the same character is a bad idea, especially when it comes to things like Charms, which are useful to characters of all backgrounds. You can either transfer charms to other characters in your party or mule them as soon as you are no longer in need of them.

First and foremost, almost everything that is going to be explained from this point forward is fundamentally sound common sense. This guide is nearly useless if you mule with another player (a friend whom you know personally, not a stranger whom you met in a game), because transferring items with friends while playing in a password-protected game is the most secure method of doing so.

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Additional requirements include that a new account (which you will create in bulk for muling purposes later) must be active for at least 2 hours within the first 48 hours of being created. Making an account, playing the first mule for a short period of time, and then leaving them AFK in a game or channel while you go about your business is a good strategy for ensuring that you are on for an extended period of time. A number of players have reported that their new account was not played for a sufficient amount of time in the first two days, then returned to it later to play more, but that the account had simply vanished after a month or two of inactivity.

  • Try to get through this area as quickly as possible, especially if they are simply delaying the game for you to come back to it

  • Obviously, if you are playing an online muling game with a group of friends or guild mates and they are all away playing, you do not have to be as quick, but you should avoid making them wait any longer than is absolutely necessary

  • The next time you ask your friend to assist you with mules, he or she will most likely feel the need to be absent from the scene because you spent 20 minutes messing around with 50 mules


Second, D2R ladder items of lesser importance (middle-level charms, gems, starter equipment, and so on) can just as easily be dropped on the ground and later picked up by your mule if you choose to do so. However, if you used a mule to transfer items to your character, make sure you don't spend too much time looking at the stats when you pick up the items. It doesn't matter what caused your connection to be lost; whatever you were working on will be lost as well. After you have completed your collection of items, make sure to save and exit the application.



Solo muling in public games is never a good idea.

Is it possible to transfer your game save data if you don't have any friends (joke), if you're playing in the middle of the night and your friends aren't awake, or if none of your friends are readily available to assist you in the process? In public games, you follow the path that has been paved by many others before you. Doing something like that is a very dangerous proposition. In the event that you come across an item that you really want your barbarian, paladin, or whatever character to be able to use, what should you do next? Personal experience and common sense have taught me some valuable lessons, which I'll share with you below.

Before you mule, I strongly advise you to use mules that are at least one level higher than the one you are currently using. When a level one character joins a game with a large number of high level characters and then leaves and returns with another character from the same account a minute or two later, several players (including myself) become suspicious. To be on the safe side, raise the level of your mule to approximately level 20. As a final precaution, make sure that your mule characters are on a separate account from the accounts on which you are actually playing. Effortlessly reduces the amount of noticeable transfer. The use of characters from Classic Diablo 2 who are not useful in the expansion as mule characters is another option.

When concealing your belongings, another important thing to remember is to be as creative as you possibly can. If you're playing an Act 1 Starting game, don't hide items in the Blood Moor or the Rogue's Encampment because they'll be discovered. When it comes to concealing items, follow a logical procedure. If you're participating in an Act 1 Starting game, conceal them in Acts 2 and 3 in places where players don't normally congregate in order to avoid being discovered by other players. In Act 2, a bar located just north of the town portal area, where Atma is usually found, and the south side of town in Act 3, are two examples of this type of location. Many people hide items in the corners of towns in Act 1 because their mules are only level 1 and can only travel to Act 1. This is due to the fact that their mules can only travel to Act 1. This is due to the fact that their mules are only capable of traveling to Act 1. To be sure, everyone else can do it as well, which is why I tend to avoid Act 1.

Never throw a party when you're transferring. For example, if you are in the middle of a party and decide to mule because you have just discovered a really good item for later use, you should immediately leave the party and hide the item in an Act opposite the one where the party was being held.

Items should only be transferred in small groups when playing public games. Only one, two, or at most three  should be transferred at a time. There was never a fully developed character setup in the game. I recommend doing it with friends if you need a complete character setup all at once and don't have the patience to wait for it.

You should direct anyone who is following you away from the area where your items are being sought if you happen to come across them while attempting to recover your items. A player who is able to run and walk quickly will benefit greatly from having fast run/walk boots (unless the player is a super-fast barbarian, in which case the player will benefit even more). The reason for transferring only a small number of items at a time is also due to this limitation. Upon discovering where your D2R Powerleveling are kept, it is likely that you have already removed them all from the location and placed them somewhere else before the player has a chance to discover where they were kept.

This is possible because, once a game has been running for more than five minutes, it is saved and will not be lost if the browser window is closed after that time. During that time, you can stay in the game (and go run Baal or gamble or do something else to kill time) as long as you are certain that it has been long enough. Once you are certain that it has been long enough, drop something worthless, such as a key or potion, and leave the game, then rejoin it to ensure that it was saved properly. Just make sure that you can get back into something valuable before you drop something important. Before muling anything important that you can't afford to lose, or before switching accounts, you should log out of your account and then back in again to ensure that the Bnet login server is operational, according to the Bnet documentation. However, while realms are frequently functional once you've entered them, it is possible to encounter difficulties logging in at the beginning of your session. Therefore, even a temporary Realm Down will cause you to lose your progress in the game because it will disappear after a few minutes will cause you to lose your progress in the game.

Make a system for organizing your belongings. Do not simply toss 20 items into a pile because this will make it more difficult to sort through when your mules arrive. Perfect gems should be arranged in one pile; chipped gems should be arranged in another; unique armor and resistance charms should be organized in a third; and so on. Small items such as charms, runes, and jewels are particularly advantageous when dealing with small objects. Especially when it comes to large items such as Uniques, the names are easily discernible.