According to the characteristics of light and Einstein's theory of relativity, Chu Xiang can see Gu Yuexuan, and Gu

According to the characteristics of light and Einstein's theory of relativity, Chu Xiang can see Gu Yuexuan, and Gu Yuexuan can naturally see Chu Xiang. Suddenly seeing this "little brother" who had traveled outside for half a year, Gu Yuexuan was overjoyed, while the thorns were stunned for a moment. Ha ha ha! Younger martial brother, I didn't expect you to come. It is said that you have done some great things in Jianghu recently, and Shifu is very happy all day! Gu Yuexuan hurried forward and hugged the "younger martial brother" and praised him again and again. "The brambles next to him snorted coldly, showing great disdain." Elder Martial Brotherther Miao praised it. It was all taught well by Shifu. When we walk in Jianghu, we should be upright and chivalrous. Otherwise, what's the use of this martial art? These modest words have long become Chu Xiang's pet phrase, and he is careless when he exports them. Gu Yuexuan did not think so, only when his younger brother had carved the word "chivalrous" into his bones, and was not blinded by fame. "On the contrary, the thorns seem to know something, and Xiao is interested in watching the good play of brotherly love." Ahem! Why are the two Elder Martial Brothers here? Master Jiang's birthday banquet is about to begin. Chu Xiang raised his own questions at the right time. Alas, "as soon as the words came out, Gu Yuexuan had a sad face, and even the thorns sighed." Younger Martial Brother didn't know, but Second Younger Martial Brother and I failed to live up to Shifu's instructions. Even the birthday gift was stolen. Gu Yuexuan shook his head as he spoke,cold drawn tubes, looking regretful. Suddenly, he seemed to think of something. He looked at Chu Xiang with shining eyes and asked, "Younger Martial Brother has come to celebrate his birthday. I think I have prepared a gift." Thorn Wen Yan is also a bright eyes, to know that there is no birthday gift that is extremely no face. Gu Yuexuan was afraid of losing the prestige of Xiaoyao Valley, while the thorns were afraid of losing their face. (I knew you'd say that) Chu Xiang rolled his eyes and took out a goose feather. Gu Yuexuan thorns are both speechless. But the birthday feast is about to begin, and I don't care so much. It's better to have goose feathers than no goose feathers. After all, goose feather is not only goose feather,Precision steel tubes, but also the face of Xiaoyao Valley, this gift is not light. In this way, three people came to the gate of Jiangfu, handed over the worship card and gift. In accordance with the usual practice, the gatekeeper shouted: "Xiaoyao Valley guests into the banquet, give a'goose feather '." As soon as a word is spoken, the four directions are quiet. Did not expect the other side to come to this set, this friendship to friendship, send a goose feather always seems not sincere enough, after all, the relationship between Xiaoyao Valley and Jiang Tianxiong is not deep to that extent. Entering Jiangfu, facing the strange eyes of many Wulin colleagues, Gu Yuexuan thorns both felt a little embarrassed, but Chu Xiang looked natural, precision welded tubes ,side impact beams, smiling and nodding from time to time. Ha ha ha! Just now I heard that Xiaoyao Valley has sent me a profound friendship. I, Jiang Mou, have such great love for my predecessors. I saw a middle-aged man in blue stepping out of the inner room. The man was born with the back of a tiger and the waist of a bear. His face was like a heavy jujube, and his eyes were bright. He looked around as he walked. What a hero of Heluo. The bearer was Jiang Tianxiong, who was excited and sincere at this time, as if he had really got some great benefits. Pretend! Pretend! I can really pretend. No wonder I can make such a big name. I'm not as good as you. Chu Xiang while in the heart abdomen row, at the same time to the surrounding several Jianghu friends who had met. Don't want that Jiang Tianxiong and Gu Yuexuan thorns after greeting, and then found Chu Xiang. This must be Shaoxia Chu, the famous'Wind Sword Immortal 'in Jianghu! "Er," Chu Xiang was stupefied. He quickly reacted and replied, "Everywhere, they are all loved by Jianghu friends. They can't compare with Master Jiang. You should know that Daxia Jiang is a chivalrous person that the younger generation has admired since childhood! If there were more people like Master Jiang in Jianghu, I'm afraid the Demon Way would have disappeared long ago. "Ha ha ha!" Jiang Tianxiong stroked his beard and laughed. "Shaoxia Chu, I praised him. It's what my generation should do to be chivalrous and righteous. In the future, Jianghu will be the world of you young people. In the future, the son of the dog, Jiang Yu, will have to ask Shaoxia Chu to take care of him when he walks outside. In the Yangtze River, the waves behind drive on the waves before. With that, he seemed to be very sad. I will push you to die on the beach sooner or later, and I will take good care of your son in the future. Of course, Chu Xiang only thought about these words in his heart. Where? Where? Sure, sure. ” In this way, everyone said a word without nutrition until the banquet officially began. Welcome all Wulin colleagues to my humble abode. Jiang is now introducing the guests to you one by one as the host. Jiang Tianxiong stood alone on the steps, full of spring and talking to the people around him. First of all, I would like to introduce Master Zhuo of Wudang Sect and his disciples. "Nice to meet you." "Fang Yunhua, a disciple of Wudang, has met all the predecessors and colleagues." …。 Boring introduction time, do not take up space. Obviously, this kind of polite scene can not arouse Chu Xiang's interest at all, but when Jiang Tianxiong shows off his extensive connections, the exciting moment comes. Ha ha ha, it's really a lively scene, Jiang Tianxiong. "Well?" "Who?" "Who dares to make trouble?" "Why don't you invite me to the Tianlong Sect for the birthday banquet of Heluo Daxia?" A gorgeous woman with a cool dress and a hot figure suddenly fell from the sky with two villains, which startled the people in the martial arts world. Seeing that someone was actually making trouble at his birthday banquet, Jiang Tianxiong had a flash of fierce light in his eyes. Then he said, "Jiang is a person of the right path. Naturally, the person invited is also a person of the right path. Evil spirits are not included in the invitation!" "Yes, get out of here!" "You are not qualified to stay here!" "Drive them out." Jiang Tianxiong's words immediately aroused the echo of some junior people who wanted to be in the limelight and some third-rate people in Jianghu. On the contrary, the masters of the big schools did not say a word, and their eyes twinkled and they did not know what they were thinking. Unbridled. Seeing that those unknown people dared to speak rudely to themselves, the woman was furious in her heart, and her eyes were scattered with murder. As the saying goes,stainless steel 304 pipes, beating a dog also depends on the master. Similarly, when the master is humiliated, the dog will start to bite crazily.