Coquettish queen

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My smile must have been very different from all the smiles he had seen before. But to tell you the truth, I never

My smile must have been very different from all the smiles he had seen before. But to tell you the truth, I never gave him a normal smile except for a sneer. And now my smile is also deliberately shaped by me, so bright that there is no trace of haze, just like a ray of sunshine from the clouds in a rainy winter, which makes his mind slightly stunned in an instant. My heart is sneering, no matter how, even if he really hates me, when he sees my face and smile, he can't help but lose his mind. Does that prove that all men, regardless of their status, are greedy for beauty? Just like for me, if I don't have the beautiful appearance of Xiao Chenyi now, but my previous appearance, then the men who like me now not only won't like me, but also feel tired even when they look at me. And if I didn't have such a good-looking skin, Shangguan Mochen might have put me in the prime minister's mansion to fend for myself, how could I be in a good mood to take me back to the palace? Even he kissed me just now because I was really not ugly. Although the heart is really very disdainful, but on my face, it is still a beautiful smile like a flower,Nail Making Machine price, looking at him, eyes clear, without a trace of darkness. He also looked down at me, seemed to be deeply attracted by this appearance of me, eyes began to appear a particularly trance look, the original grasp of my book gradually loosened, and the other hand,wire nail making machine, also gently stroked my cheek, as if to pick up my smile in his palm. I still looked at him with a smile, and the disdain in my heart was deeper. If he really can't help it, does it prove that all my guesses are not false, and that all the men in the world really love the beauty of a woman more than all the others? Just when I thought he was really going to fall into it, his hand suddenly stopped, and the other hand grasped my hand tightly again, then shook it and moved it away from his collar. Then he pushed me again, as if pushing the most annoying object in his life, pushing me away from him, as if it was an intolerable thing to get an inch closer to me. I don't know why he can still calm down and keep his previous attitude towards me. I looked at him and saw that his eyes were already filled with deep contempt. He looked at me with a sarcastic smile: "The queen is really proficient in this way. No wonder I couldn't help being teased by the queen just now, so I made such a panic move!"! Come to think of it, the queen has so many lovers, Nail machine manufacturer ,iron nail machine, if you are not proficient, it is still a very strange thing. Had it not been for my slightly stronger determination, I would have easily fallen into the lust trap you set up, just like your lovers. I did not expect that my efforts would be seen through by him at this critical moment, but this does not mean that all my actions are useless. Naturally, I will not let my original efforts go down the drain. With a sarcastic look on my face, I looked at him with a sarcastic smile on my lips. "Really? If your strength is really strong enough, then why did you forget that I was the one you hated most just now? You couldn't help kissing me, and you kissed me so deeply?"? On this issue, I really hope that your Majesty can give me a satisfactory answer! "You bitch, how can you be so shameless that you can even say such shameless words!" Shangguan Mochen was angry enough by my words, and he was probably embarrassed to face it, so he simply changed the subject and pointed the finger directly at me. I smiled nonchalantly and said, "I've been like this for a long time. It's not the first day you know me!"! Besides, almost everyone in the world knows that I, Xiao Chenyi, am a whore and slut. You, the emperor's husband, have never touched me, so shouldn't you know best about my character? Why are you still scolding me so hypocritically? Shangguan Mochen sneered, "Yes, how can a woman like you have any sense of shame?" I was almost angry, but I tried not to send it out. Instead, I chuckled and said, "Yes, I am so shameless, but why do you want to touch a shameless woman like me?"? Since you are willing to touch me, does it prove that in your heart, you do not mind my shamelessness, or that you are such a person who values chastity? "Fart, when did I become such a person?" Hearing what I said, Shangguan Mochen's fire rose again, and even the rude words in the market came out. "What kind of person do you think you are? If it weren't for your own rich experience and tall means, I wouldn't have been so provoked by you. You still have the face to say it!" I still chuckle: "Really?"? "Then I would like to ask the emperor, who was the last experienced means of tall, will be tortured like this?" Shangguan Mochen was so angry that he came to me step by step. He shouted in a low voice, "You are still going against me like this. Do you want me to punish you like last time?" "Well, you're just doing it anyway, so you can use it." I looked at him with an indifferent look and said, "And your last method has lost its effect on me. After all, you have used it once, and it is not as useful as last time. But I think even so,Nail production machine, you have no other method, right?"? It's really effective to hit me physically and hurt me mentally. Besides, I really can't think of any more effective way! Shangguan Mochen was so angry that he looked at me like a demon. He looked at me with a dangerous breath all over his body. "Do you think I really have no other way?" I raised my eyebrows and looked at him? Do you have any other way? "Of course I do!" 。