Seal the knife and cut the plum

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Ding Bu, a playboy who was arrogant by nature and never admitted defeat, had to admit that the master of the

Ding Bu, a playboy who was arrogant by nature and never admitted defeat, had to admit that the master of the palace was much better than himself in martial arts. He looked down at Chu Tianqi, who was hit by green bricks and gravel as she fell. He was injured in many places, and even his face was blurred with blood. As Ding Bu wiped his blood, he was thinking: If Chu Tianqi had not abandoned her martial arts in those years and practiced them again in the future, but had kept the "Ten Commands of Ecstasy", I wonder if she could defeat the Lord of the Grand Palace today? His eyes swept around. Many of the heroes were injured by the broken bricks, but none of them hummed. They just looked at the collapsed wall in front of them in amazement, as if they did not believe what had just happened was true. Yang Guqiong rushed to Chu Tianqi's side and said, "Dad, why are you here?" Chu Tianqi stood up and wiped the blood from her face. "This involves you," she said shallowly. "How can I not come?" As soon as Yang Guqiong's face changed, she changed the subject and said, "Are you all right? Are you badly hurt?" Chu Tianqi shook his head. "It doesn't matter if it's a flesh wound." Taoist Priest Yunyuan, Master Tianguo and others all came to meet Chu Tianqi. When Qunhao returned to the hall, he saw Yu Shuangren pulling Ren Yanmeng's arm and dragging it out. He obviously wanted Ren Yanmeng to escape, but he sat there and refused to move. Qunhao rushed over and let Yanmeng surround him. Yu Shuangren opened his eyes wide. "What do you want to do?" "What do you want to do?" yuan Gongxun snapped? I want you to pay for your lives. "We're not murderers," said Yu Shuangren. "Why should we pay for our lives?" Ji Lianli said in a cold voice,tannic acid astringent, "Although the case has not yet been investigated, there is no doubt that the murder was committed by Dahanggong. Ren Yanmeng is the disciple of the head of Dahanggong. He said just now that he would avenge himself on the ten sects. If it's not him, who else could it be?" Huang Mingdao gritted his teeth and said, "Since he is the disciple of the white-haired old God, he deserves to die." Ding Feifan wanted to speak for Ren Yanmeng, but when he saw that his father Ding Buyi had not opened his mouth, he dared not say much. Huo Mengyan and Song Xiaozhong wanted to explain for Ren Yanmeng, but were blocked by Lv Huailiang. Ding Buyi's eyes stared straight into Ren Yanmeng's eyes. Ren Yanmeng suddenly raised his head and said,best green coffee bean extract, "I didn't kill anyone." Master Tianguo clasped his hands together and said, "Who is your master?" Ren Yanmeng said with a flat mouth, "The old man with white hair." Master Tianguo asked again, "Who is the white-haired God?" "It's my master," said Ren Yanmeng. "Don't play dumb, boy," Hong snapped. "Why don't you tell the truth?" Yu Shuangren looked at the aggressive Qunhao and hurriedly said, "He is really a fool." Then the Taoist stood up with the help of Zhong Dakui. He pointed at Yu Shuangren and said, "She.." He is also a member of the Grand Palace. The plague in Luzi Village was poisoned by her. The Taoist Priest Shangxu stared round. "What's going on?" "We were both taken in by her," said the Taoist Priest. "She was.. The man who met Ren Yanmeng in the Great Palace. "Ding, Ding, Ding!" There was a sound of swords unsheathed, and the cold light of the doors and windows flashed, lutein and zeaxanthin supplements ,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, and they were sealed. Ren Yanmeng stood up suddenly, with a strange light shining in his eyes: "She didn't put the poison, I did!" There was a heat wave in Yu Shuangren's chest, and Ren Yanmeng still kept the meaning of protecting her in dementia. Kill him! Qunhao let out a roar. "You can kill me, but you can't kill him!" Yu Shuangren shouted. Jiang Long, who had changed his point of view, felt cheated and said angrily, "Why can't you kill him?" "Because he is Xu Tianliang's son," said Yu Shuangren eagerly. Qunhao was startled. "Do you still want to cheat us?" Hong said bitterly. The Taoist priest gasped, "It may be true. Hu Dapeng sent a message to the poor Taoist priest. That's what Bu Shanci said on the flower boat in Nanze Lake." "Humph!" Hong Qian Gu Road, "maybe this silly boy cheated us all." The four elders, Liu, Ma, Zhu, and Xu, surrounded Ren Junxiao, who had just awakened, and shouted, "What are you still talking about with them?"? Since it's the people of the Grand Palace, just kill them. Ding Bubi finally opened his mouth and said, "You said that Ren Yanmeng is Xu Tianliang's son. What evidence do you have?" Yu Shuangren was stunned at first, and then his eyes flashed. She finally understood why the palace master wanted to take away Xu Dachuan and Xu Fusheng, save Meng Black and White, and leave her and Ren Yanmeng behind. Because Ren Yanmeng has a precious sword that never leaves his body, and there is a token in the sword that makes the heroes of Wulin dare not hurt Ren Yanmeng. The master of the palace did not forget them, nor did he betray them. The purpose of the master of the palace was obviously to make the ten sects more chaotic. Suddenly, she admired the layout of the palace master. Her heart calmed down and she said quietly, "Of course there is evidence." Tang Shijie's four brothers shouted in unison: "What evidence? Take it out quickly!" They had already lost patience and wanted to do it. Qunhao's sword shook and roared like thunder: "Take it out quickly!" Ren Yanmeng, who had never seen such a posture, was flustered and took a step back. Yu Shuangren approached him and shouted, "Show them the precious sword." Ren Yanmeng shook his head and said, "No, Shifu said that this sword can only be shown at the Yueyang Tower Sword Competition." The head of Dahanggong said that he wanted revenge. He would see him at the Yueyang Tower on March 3. Ren Yanmeng said that the precious sword could only be shown at the Yueyang Tower Sword Competition. Master and disciples are obviously premeditated! Qunhao was so emotional that the resentment of the past few days burst out together and poured out on Ren Yanmeng. Yu Shuangren said in a deep voice, "Shine the sword.". That's an order. "It was your idea, not Shifu's order," said Ren Yanmeng. The master has gone to Yueyang Tower. Yu Shuangren was stunned and did not know how to convince the idiot. Do it! I don't know who shouted among the heroes. Suddenly, seven or eight swords interwoven into a net cover to let Yanmeng. Ren Yanmeng stood in a daze, without the slightest intention of fighting back. Yu Shuangren was so anxious that he rushed forward and protected Ren Yanmeng with his body. Stop it! A sharp shout, from the mouth of Ding Buyi, a green awn, tinkling, will be seven or eight swords swing open. Huang Mingdao, Hong Eternal, Tang Wubo,turmeric extract powder, Liang Junhai and others shook their swords and said angrily, "Lord Ding, what are you doing?" 。