At first I thought it was the landlord who asked for the rent. I was in arrears for more than three months and

At first I thought it was the landlord who asked for the rent. I was in arrears for more than three months and never gave it, but I soon found that the voice was wrong. The voice was deep, like the rustle of silkworms eating mulberry leaves, and slowly from far to near, the tiger floated over. The glass in the window vibrated lightly, and the jade Buddhas inside, as if they had seen their nemesis, trembled slightly and moved away from their original positions, with dust jumping around them. I quickly pressed my thumb on the window glass to stop it from vibrating, so that the jades would not fall to the ground and be broken, and I was a little confused. It's a little unlucky for the Buddha to move his nest. It was dark outside, and I don't know where the sound came from. After a while, the sound disappeared. I was about to look out when the door creaked open and two men came in. One of them, I know, is Xiao Jiang, a police officer in this area. The man standing next to Jiang was about forty years old, wearing a police uniform, with a thin and black face, and walking almost silently. My eyes narrowed as soon as I saw him. Although I dare not say that I have read countless people,wholesale plastic pallet, at least I have the ability to observe. People's temperament is like the wrapped slurry of antiques, which can not be explained clearly, but can be felt at a glance. This man is introverted and watertight. He is not a police officer like Xiao Jiang, whose mouth hair has not yet grown up, nor is he like an old criminal policeman whose eyes are as sharp as a knife. His bearing is not like a police officer at all. The whole person gives people an impeccable sense of mystery. Little Jiang said to me, "Big Xu, someone is looking for you." Before I could answer,spill plastic pallet, the man held out his hand. "Is it Comrade Make-A-Wish?"? My name is Fang Zhen, Xiao Jiang's colleague. Hello. I shook his hand hesitantly and smiled. "You've been a soldier for at least ten years, and you fought in Vietnam?" "Oh?" Fang Zhen raised his eyebrows slightly. When you shook hands just now, you had a cocoon on your hand, and the position of the cocoon was in the belly of the four fingers and the tiger's mouth. This is not the mark of holding a pistol, but the mark of holding a submachine gun. And you have the same pace and length. I can't imagine any other profession can have such accomplishment. Those who play with antiques can't make mistakes in their eyes. This is the basic quality. My shop is small and has little capital. If I make a mistake, I will lose it all. So I can only work hard in this respect. Fang Zhen seemed to see that I wanted to take the initiative, but he just smiled, said nothing, and walked around the shop with his hands behind his back, scanning my collection at random. I took the opportunity to pull Xiao Jiang aside: "Who is this man?"? Put a policeman here. Doesn't that interfere with my business? Little Jiang scratched his head and said, "Don't ask me.". This is the task assigned by the higher authorities, and my job is to bring him to you, collapsible bulk container ,heavy duty plastic pallet, and I don't know anything else. I also want to ask, Fang Zhen has come back and said to me: "Can you look at your ID card?"? Oh, I don't doubt you. It's a rule. I took out my ID card, and Fang Zhen took it over and looked at it carefully. He returned it to me and saluted. "Well," I said rudely, "let me see your papers, too-it's not that I suspect you, it's just that I suspect you're seriously ill." Fang Zhen was slightly stunned and took out a blue plastic book from his bosom, with three gilded regular script characters on it: "Work Permit.". I opened it and found that the work unit written inside was the Eighth Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, but the specific position was not written. My heart suddenly shrank. I heard the son of a veteran cadre say that there are two bureaus in the Ministry of Public Security that are particularly mysterious. One is called the Ninth Bureau, which receives guidance from the Ministry of Public Security but is directly under the General Staff Department. It is also called the Central Guard Bureau, which is responsible for the security of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau. There is also another Bureau, the Eighth Bureau to which Fang Zhen belongs, which is responsible for the security of deputy national leaders, high-level foreign guests and some important figures. Can be as famous as the Central Guard Bureau, the background of this eight Bureau, you can imagine how big. Put to hundreds of years ago, that is the imperial four grade with knife guards plus Royal Guards! I returned my work permit to him with a smiling face: "Comrade Fang, do you want to buy or sell?" "Please come with me tonight," said Fang Zhen. "Someone wants to see you." I am stupefied: "Who ah?"? Must it be tonight? "It must be tonight. It's an order from above. You must come over." Fang Zhen said, the tone is very polite, but very tough. I frowned. It was so strange that I had to be careful. Although I really don't have any eye-catching treasures in this small shop, I have to be careful. Then you must tell me whose orders are from above? I asked. Fang Zhen pointed to the sky: "Anyway, not low, but I can not say, this is the rule." "What do you want from me?" "I can't say." “……” Had it not been for the desperate winks of Xiao Jiang and the certificate of the Eighth Bureau, I really wanted to ask him how he could talk like that. Fang Zhen raised his wrist to look at his watch, stood at the door, and made a gesture of invitation. The deterrent force of the Eighth Bureau is too great, and ordinary people like me really have no choice, so we have to go out. I'll lock the door first. The shop is afraid of thieves. I muttered, took out the key and locked the door, checked all the anti-theft measures, and then went out. As soon as I went out, I saw a black red flag CA771 car parked outside the door, which was the reason for the vibration in the shop just now. My shop is not in the main street of Liulichang, but in a slanting alley inside, the cement floor is being renovated, and the ground is full of sand. The rustling sound was the result of the tire rubbing against the sand. I didn't expect Fang Zhen to drive the red flag car into the alley and stop at the door of my shop. At that time, although the red flag had been discontinued, it was still a status symbol, and not many people in Beijing had a chance to sit on it. I don't know if he's trying to save me two steps, or if he's trying to put pressure on me. The red flag car was a little old,plastic pallet supplier, but it was spotless and looked like a solemn stone beast in the dark. Fang Zhen opened the back door and motioned me to get on the bus first. I noticed that Fang Zhen pulled the door open with his right hand and blocked the top of the door with his left hand to prevent my head from hitting the frame. This is definitely a veteran of foreign affairs reception work! An old soldier, a veteran of foreign affairs reception, and an agent of the Eighth Bureau. I was amazed by his triple identity. I'm just a common man. I don't have to fight with the immortals. Just follow me.